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May. 2024



May. 2024





Compounding for your patients and for office use


Compounding at VivaRx provides an innovative way for prescribers and pharmacists to customize medications to fit the needs of their patients. VivaRx ensures the quality of its products by using high grade chemicals, specialized equipment and advanced techniques. Additionally, VivaRx pharmacists have completed rigorous training in non-sterile compounding which allows them to collaborate with prescribers to address and provide solutions for any special health problems afflicting their patients.

  • Do you have patients who are suffering from side effects from systemic medications who may experience relief from a localized treatment option instead?
  • Are you unsure about which options may benefit your patients?
  • Are you looking to expand or grow your practice with other therapy options?
  • Are you using custom protocols and/or would like to discuss or see samples of protocols VivaRx has created?

While receiving the correct diagnosis is an important first step in treatment, VivaRx provides a personalized follow-up plan for each patient. By obtaining regular patient feedback, we can work with the prescriber to adjust therapy as needed to ensure that the patient is always receiving the most effective treatment.