Veterinary Medication Compounding

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Medicating a pet or animal can be difficult due to taste and limited formulation sizes and strengths. Sometimes an animal is unable to swallow and cannot to take a medication by mouth, or they will need a veterinary medication that is not commercially manufactured or is unavailable and the human formulation is inappropriate for use in animals.

At VivaRx, our “pet peeve” is seeing animals fail to get the care that they deserve. We can offer a better, pet-friendly solution to these problems through customized medication compounding. This will allow the animal to receive the correct dose in a formulation that works best for them.


VivaRx is committed to using only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and advanced compounding techniques to ensure that all animals receive the best possible care. Our pharmacists will work with the veterinarian and their staff to problem solve so that we can provide pets with medications that maximize the potential for therapeutic success.

VivaRx can:

  • Prepare the correct strength of the medication in a size suitable for the pet
  • Flavor oral medications, e.g. beef, tuna, chicken
  • Prepare alternate dosage forms for ease of administration, e.g. suspensions, transdermal gels
  • Compound discontinued or unavailable medicines
  • Combine multiple medicines into a single dosage form